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About Butt Candle

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If you need a tried and true time-honored solution for constipation, flatulence or diarrhea or anything related to your backside, butt candles might be the fix you’re looking for. I understand, so I’m giving you a few minutes to pick yourself up from the floor as it appears that you have fallen on the floor and are rolling in fits of laughter. I’ll also give you a few minutes to catch your breath since you’re probably tearing up in between the tears. It’s probably a hassle hanging on to your sides because you’re laughing so hard.

There’s just something about the phrase “butt candle” that brings up all sorts of funny images, some more graphic than others but believe it or not, butt candles used to be very big in the 1800s. Indeed, they sold like hotcakes. I don’t mean to mix metaphors here because there’s nothing more repulsive than butt candle pancakes but that’s the truth. These products used to fly off the shelf. This was, of course, before the advent of a lot of modern medicine that made such folk and conventional traditional medication go the way of the dodo bird.

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Butt candles, of course, is another phrase for suppository. If you go to any pharmacy and you ask for a suppository, you would be presented with a wide range of products. This highlights the fact that the human body can ingest medicine in many ways than just through the mouth. The most common way to take in medication is to pop a pill or a capsule. That’s what you see all the time. That’s what most of your friends and family do to fix a problem from headaches to upset stomachs to everything else in between. It’s all about getting that pill, putting it in your mouth and taking care of the problem but what if I told you that that’s just one entry way to your system?

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Did you know that the soft parts of your eyelids or your eyes lead to a direct entry way to your bloodstream? It is no surprise that a lot of people who rub their eyes after coming into contact with the pink eye virus or other microbes get sick. In fact, a lot of influenza is actually spread through people rubbing their eyes after somebody has coughed or released viruses in the air through a cough or a sneeze. In addition to your mouth and eye membranes, you can also ingest chemicals through your skin, through injection or absorption. If you know a smoker and they’ve been struggling with their habit, chances are quite good they’ve tried nicotine patches. This has been shown to work for some smokers.

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They would slap on a patch of nicotine so as to wean themselves off gradually from their habit. The whole point here is that your skin, while it does a good job keeping a lot of objects out of your body, it can actually absorb certain chemicals if they have the right shape. Your skin is actually more absorbent than you previously thought. With that said, there are other entryways and one of them is your rectal cavity. That’s right, your anus. This actually should be quite self-explanatory because the skin and flesh in that part of your body is very, very thin. In fact, it’s so thin that any chemical introduced in that area can quickly be taken up by your bloodstream. This is why butt candles.

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Main Benefits

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Regardless of what medication you need to take, you can rest assured that if you’re looking to ingest those chemicals in a very private, discreet way where people around you wouldn’t even know you’re taking medication, you can use a suppository or in the language of the day, butt candles.

These are wax suppositories that release natural or synthetic remedies up the anal tract. As mentioned above, this part of your body has a very thin membrane. In fact, it’s so thin that it’s almost like nothing is separating the outside of your body from your bloodstream.

I know it sounds crazy and it definitely sounds gross to a lot of people but it’s very, very effective. If you have tried laxatives, enemas and other solutions but nothing seems to work fully, try butt candles. They might actually just save your behind. Literally. I know that I’ve used a bad pun but I can’t help myself. By simply introducing medication in that particular area of your body, you can get the therapeutic agents that you need precisely at the time you need it to get relief.

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Health Conditions

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Accordingly, this makes it an ideal spot to introduce all sorts of chemical compounds that can deliver therapies. Traditionally, butt candles have been used to treat constipation, flatulence, diarrhea and anything else related to that part of the body. You’d be surprised because it may turn out that you need something that has a lot more traction.

If you’re interested in buying this type of product because other therapeutic products no longer work for you, look for products that have the following qualities. Otherwise, you would probably be better off trying more traditional or conventional therapy option.

You need to look for butt candles that are natural. This is very important because the wax that they use must be natural. The whole point of using this type of product is to go organic or as natural as you can and you’re really shooting yourself in the foot if you end up just using a synthetic wax material. Also, make sure that you pick the right size. Generally speaking, people would assume that the smaller the suppository, the better.

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So that it can release the compound sooner rather than later. Why is this? Well, your body heat is actually what will melt the suppository and if the item is too small, there might not be enough contact with your anal tract to do a good job melting the unit. Also, it has to be soft enough. You don’t want this to be an ordeal.  You don’t want this to feel like some sort of a hassle.  You also have to look for a pure product.

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There are all sorts of products that are made in less than fully sanitary conditions and this can introduce a lot of problems. You don’t want to open a whole new can of worms so do yourself a big favor and pick a product that is pure and is packed in a very hygienic surrounding. At the very least, the product must have been manufactured in accordance with the strictest standards.

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Author’s Journal

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