Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What Are Butt Candles?

Butt candles is just a funny way of saying suppository. Suppositories are made of wax. Candles are made of wax. Suppositories if given enough heat would melt. The heat source, of course, is your body. As the suppository stays in your rectal tract and is exposed to heat, it slowly melts until it releases its chemical payload and you benefit when those chemical compounds enter your bloodstream and end up getting processed by your liver or other organs. That’s how suppositories work and butt candles is really just another meaning for suppositories.

Why Should People Use Suppositories?

Wax suppositories have been around for a long time. They are not a new creation. They are not a new discovery. It’s not like somebody just filed a patent for these things. They’ve been around for quite some time but in terms of mass manufacture, they have entered the modern American imagination in the late 1800s. They are small, they fit up the anus and they melt after some time. The reason why they became so popular is because they really are the first time-released medications that entered the market. Now, we’ve made significant strides in delaying release of drugs in the system.

Butt candles were the first product that promised that slow release feature; thanks to the fact that the wax holding the chemical compound melts at a certain rate. That was the main reason why people use butt candles in the first place. They want certain chemicals released into their system not all at once but over an extended period of time. People also use them because maybe other methods of chemical administration no longer work for them. Maybe they throw up if they’re going to pop a pill or they are very scared of a syringe or a hypodermic needle. Whatever the case may be, people do use suppositories.

In a way, they’ve never really completely gone away. They’ve always been an option. The only difference really is the size of their market. At certain historical periods their market share is bigger than other periods.

What Do Butt Candles Contain?

They contain soothing medication that fixes all sorts of health problems ranging from diarrhea to loose stools to flatulence to upset stomach and pretty much everything in between. Also in addition to the medication and the wax, butt candles also contain fixing compounds. These are compounds that ensure that the chemical is released slowly over time.

There are so many things manufacturers can put in a wax suspension, roll them up into small cylinders, and package them as butt candles. You can get soothing compounds. You can get anti-inflammatory compounds that can go a long way in making sore and swollen internal or lower anal or lower colon tissue thin out. Whatever the compound, most can be reduced or converted into a form that can be packaged into a suppository.

If you have tried so many other solutions and nothing seems to work, maybe it is time to try some old school butt candles. You might just find your new ‘go to’ treatment.

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